ArcelorMittal nonprofit partners express gratitude for employees’ volunteer efforts

ArcelorMittal nonprofit partners express gratitude for employees’ volunteer efforts
By: ArcelorMittal Last Updated: November 25, 2019

Every year, hundreds of ArcelorMittal employees donate their time and talent to support the company’s nonprofit partners through coordinated volunteer activities and board service. Whether mentoring students, staffing an information booth or serving on a board committee, employees make incredibly meaningful contributions in the community.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, several of ArcelorMittal’s nonprofit partners have expressed gratitude for these employees, thanking them for volunteering their time and resources to support their work. 

"Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana has long-standing relationships with many employees from ArcelorMittal. Loretta and Isabelle are two such volunteers that have given their time graciously to work with our Club members on STEM projects. As we work to excite more of our female Club members with respect to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – Isabelle and Loretta’s time is so precious to us! They help our female Club members see what they can become and see the value of STEM in future career aspirations. It is amazing to witness the give and take our Club members have with volunteers during various STEM Expos our Clubs have implemented. But the generosity of time stretches beyond Loretta and Isabelle! There are many more ArcelorMittal employees that volunteer. Thank you for giving to our Club members and, in turn, teaching them the value of “their own” giving back to our collective communities." 

-  Ryan Smiley, president and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana  

"College Now Greater Cleveland is thankful for all of the ArcelorMittal employees who serve as volunteers in our mentoring program. Mentors like Patrick Dobrowolski help increase graduation and retention rates by providing support and guidance to scholarship recipients throughout their post-secondary journey." 

-  Madeline Rife, director of the mentoring program, College Now Greater Cleveland 

"Without volunteerism, many of the needs in our community would be unmet. We appreciate the dedication of the employees who took the time to assist us in the car seat check-up events and the commitment of ArcelorMittal to improve the health and safety of the residents in our local communities. The generous donation of both human and financial resources provided by ArcelorMittal helps us to reach under-served areas and to keep their children safe." 

-  Jennifer Homan, Franciscan Health Crown Point Trauma Program Coordinator  

"We are extremely proud to have Hannah Hill serve on our Board of Directors and as Chair for our Grantmaking committee. She is a Coatesville resident with great passion and dedication to meeting the needs of the community we serve." 

-  Vanessa Briggs, president and CEO, Brandywine Health Foundation 

"We are thankful for many ArcelorMittal employees, including Dianne Feldewerth, Tyler Botbyl and Kyle Wilson. Dianne and her friend Ronda Kruger have been the smiling faces at the information table during our annual summer Open House for several years now. It can get crazy busy on campus, so it's really great to know we can count on them to direct traffic. Tyler Botbyl, who serves on the Dunes Learning Center board, brings boundless enthusiasm and a wide variety of skills to his role - including his paddling knowledge which he shares with beginners during the annual summer Open House. And lastly, Kyle Wilson shares his menagerie - goats, hogs, cows, and horses - at Chellberg Farm. His hard work (plus the added support he brings from his extended family) provides an authentic farm experience for students, teachers, and summer campers who visit Indiana Dunes National Park's historic farm with Dunes Learning Center as well as the general public." 

-  Geoff Benson, executive director, Dunes Learning Center 

"We're thankful for Therese Vande Hey who generously volunteers her time and professional expertise via her role on the Board of Trustees of Shirley Heinze Land Trust." 

-  Kris Krouse, executive director, Shirley Heinze Land Trust 

"We at United Way of Northeastern Minnesota are extremely grateful to have volunteers like Robb Peterson from ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine serving on our Board of Directors. Robb plays a key role in our local organization’s governance, program development, fundraising and decision-making. He goes to bat for us and truly understands our work and the needs of our communities. Our local programs depend on local volunteers and local giving – and we couldn’t do all that we do without volunteers like Robb!" 

-  Shelley Valentini, executive director, United Way of Northeastern Minnesota 

“Volunteer mentors from ArcelorMittal have proven to be the lifeblood of our high school robotics team. We are thankful for Tyler Preall and John White (and their significant others!) for sharing their amazing technical skills and their passion for helping others to change the lives of local students. And this fall, the impact of ArcelorMittal’s help has come back full circle. Luke Cloninger, who was a high school freshman during our inaugural season in 2011, was mentored by an ArcelorMittal employee, went off to school, graduated from college, started his career as a new ArcelorMittal employee AND is now volunteering as a Robotics Team mentor! This is one of many great stories made possible by the valuable work of ArcelorMittal employees who have volunteered to help our students.” 

-  Al Walus, lead mentor, Michigan City Robotics 


As these quotes illustrate, ArcelorMittal's employee volunteers have significantly impacted the company's nonprofit partners, and ArcelorMittal is so grateful for employees' service to their communities.