Are You Sending Out Invitations? Trust an Expert.

flanagins-tips-1Donna Flanagin of Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service is an expert in maintaining a professional, organized business. With her "Free Tips: Take What You Need" series, Donna will share tips and tricks on how to save time and money on your direct mail. This week, Donna shares out a story that cost a customer hundreds of dollars with an avoidable mistake.

Tip of the Day: A True Story of a Critical Error

flanagins-bad-invite-2015This mail piece cost the customer hundreds of dollars in wasted postage costs, just because the design was wrong.

This mail piece was designed upside down (open edge at bottom is wrong). The open edge should have been at the top and then wafer tab should have been closed.

Because it was time sensitive material and had to go out quickly, we had to tab at the bottom and pay a 21 cent per piece postage surcharge on top of the first class postage to get this mailed.

Designers and printers are not always up to date on USPS regulations so that is another good reason to use a bulk mail specialist.

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