Ask an Expert at MasterTech: What Do I Need to Know about Box Elders?

Ask an Expert at MasterTech: What Do I Need to Know about Box Elders?
By: MasterTech Pest Control Last Updated: September 15, 2020

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What are Box Elders and what do they do?
A Box Elder is a red and black insect that usually start showing up in the spring and fall. They don't do any damage to buildings or the trees and shrubs they feed on—they basically just eat all spring and summer and reproduce. The insects lay their eggs on the branches and leaves of the female Box Elder trees and sometimes Maple and Ash Trees.

The fall is when they typically leave the trees and landscape areas to look for shelter to make it through the winter called overwintering. They overwinter under siding and in overhangs. When the weather warms up they reappear inside buildings and homes usually around windows and lighted areas. They don't really prefer to be inside but they can't figure out how to get back outside. Populations will continue to grow from year to year if left untreated

This homeowner called for lady beetles and spiders and we found this box elder nest while doing the perimeter of their home. Box elders typically nest in cracks and crevices or under the siding of a home. They begin to emerge in the spring. Box elder nests tend to grow in size each year if left untreated.

How can you prevent future infestations in your home?
If you repair broken windows and screens and seal up openings where cables, wires and pipes enter buildings this will help, but most often using a pest control product or service is still required to knock down the numbers since they reproduce so rapidly.

Why use Master tech Pest Control?
Well that's easy, MasterTech Pest Control has over 15 years of experience, plus we are locally owned and operated so we understand area issues and we provide one of the most inclusive services around.

Contracts aren't required and our repeat customers choose to use our Seasonal Service each year so that speaks volumes! Our Seasonal Service will treat the Box Elder problem and includes many other pests as well. So, those bee and wasp problems will be addressed as well as ants, lady beetles, spiders, mice and more.


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