Ask an Expert at MasterTech: What Should I Do About Asian Lady Beetles?

Ask an Expert at MasterTech: What Should I Do About Asian Lady Beetles?
By: MasterTech Pest Control Last Updated: August 15, 2011

What are they?
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Often mistaken for Lady Bugs the Asian Beetle tends to be orange or yellow in coloration and are the ones that typically hibernate in people's homes. Native to Asia, they were brought in to help control the aphids that feed on the soy crop.

What kinds of habitats do they live in?
Watch for them on the sunny side of your house! Lady Beetles tend to choose light colored homes to nest and return year after year due to pheromones released by past lady beetles. This helps future generations recognize nesting sites. Homeowners will see them gather in door and window frames, attics and soffits. Hibernating beetles may become active during warm winter days.

What threat do they pose on your home?
Most often Asian Lady Beetles are just a nuisance pest. If they are left untreated their numbers typically grow from year to year and it may feel like they are taking over the home. However, infestations can trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals. Prolonged exposure to infestations has been reported to cause allergic reactions. Symptoms may include itchy nose/eyes, sneezing, upper respiratory symptoms and asthma. They are also known to pinch exposed skin and leave stains when squashed.

Why choose MasterTech to deal with this issue?
Frustrated homeowners look to professionals for relief from these insects. Professional treatment will help to minimize beetles and vacuuming will help remove them from the home. They are most often seen in the spring and then again in the fall as they begin to seek protective structures especially September through November as cooler temperatures arrive in Northwest Indiana. Schedule service for Asian Lady Beetles and other insects by calling MasterTech Pest Control at 476-7007 or visit the website at