Ask Jack: Don’t Fall Into That Mess

Hines-Plumbing-Ask-Jack-NewThis week on “Ask Jack”: Summer is ending and fall is approaching. Get your plumbing ready for it.

Hines Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company serving Valparaiso since 2000. They pride themselves on being prompt, clean and thoughtful professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. So you can rest assured that your questions are being answered by a man who knows his stuff.

1. Drain your hot water heater so extra sediment doesn't build up in the tank. Otherwise rust will form. Getting it taken care of whether it's draining it or replacing it completely will prevent sudden cold showers during the winter.

2. Check inside AND outside faucets for leakage. Fix any that you find, or call your plumber and he/she will do it, so that burst pipes won't be a winter worry.

3. Clean your gutters. The leaves will turn pretty colors and then fall gracefully to the ground. Or they will fall into your gutters and clog it up. Clogged gutters can collect water that will freeze and cause water to seep into your house. Remove leaves and other debris from your home’s gutters so that rain and melting snow can drain.

4. Wrap outdoor pipes with heat tape before cold weather hits to help prevent them from freezing. 

5. Close and drain shutoff valves that lead outside. Water that isn't drained can freeze and break the lines, causing damages that are expensive to repair.  

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