Ask the Doctors: Feeling Tired

SleepingQ: I am sleeping, but I’m always tired. What’s wrong?

A: If you’re still tired after sleeping, there are some things we look for. You may have a sleeping disorder like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or restless leg syndrome. A blood test can determine if you have an iron deficiency or if you are anemic, both of which can reduce your energy level. There may also be an underlying medical condition such as a low-grade fever that is causing this.

I also ask patients if they are really getting quality sleep. Do they have allergies that make sleeping difficult? Are pets or children sleeping in the same bed? All these different conditions and situations can decrease your quality of sleep, even though your quantity of sleep seems adequate.

Dr. Annabel Yuen is a member of the medical staff at Porter Regional Hospital and a member of Porter Physician Group. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yuen at Westchester Medical Group, call 219.926.2133. Learn more about the Westchester Medical Group here!