Ask the Doctors: High Blood Pressure

Hector-MarchandQ: Does Everyone Eventually Develop High Blood Pressure?

A: When asked this question, Hector Marchand, M.D. said, “This is similar to asking if everyone will develop wrinkles.” As Dr. Marchand explained, “Everyone will eventually develop hypertension if they have a family history of the disease or if they are inactive; overweight; have excessive salt consumption; drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages in excess; smoke tobacco; or have untreated sleep apnea.”

He explained that not living what we describe as a ‘healthy lifestyle’ will affect a person’s blood pressure. Ideally, a person’s blood pressure should read equal to or less than 140/90. In the United States one in three people will develop hypertension by the time they are age 55. By age 65, close to two out of three people will have a systolic pressure greater than 140.

Dr. Marchand is a member of the medical staff at Porter Regional Hospital. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and fellowship trained in Cardiology. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Marchand at Northwest Indiana Cardiovascular Physicians, call 219-531-9419.