Assessor Jon Snyder Announces Completion of Appeals Backlog

Porter-CountyPorter County Assessor Jon Snyder announced today that, in less than two years, his office has resolved all outstanding 2006-2010 appeals inherited from the previous county assessor, as well as all appeals filed in 2011, totaling more than 9,000 cases.

Our office will implement safeguards to ensure that the words ‘backlog’ and ‘appeal’ are not in the same sentence again,” Snyder said. “The purging of the appeals backlog has refunded over $15 million, as well as over $1 million in interest payments back to where it rightfully belonged: the taxpayers’ pockets.”

Eliminating the backlog of appeals cases has been a top priority for Snyder, whose staff collaborated with the Property Tax Board of Appeals (PTABOA), as well as the county’s other financial offices, with support from the county commissioners and county council.

These groups have worked tirelessly to reach this important milestone,” said Snyder. “I am extremely proud of my staff and applaud them for accomplishing what some thought was impossible.

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