Auditions for 2015 Listen to Your Mother to be Held at Uptown Cafe

uptown-cafe-listen-to-your-motherAuditions are in full swing for the NW Indiana show. I scheduled a little break between people so I could organize myself & grab someuptown cafelunch from our audition site host, Uptown Cafe. It is such an privilege to hear each of these stories about motherhood and it just never gets old. Each of them deserves a microphone to amplify their amazing, brave, hysterical, heart-breaking, beautiful stories about this thing we are all linked by–motherhood. That always makes the selection of cast process difficult to imagine. How will I whittle all these stories down to just 10 to take the audience on a journey?

Yet, when I sit and spread all the stories out on the floor in the wee hours of the morning, suddenly they begin to pick each other. This story needs that one to follow it and that story has to be told in front of this one. As difficult as it is for some stories not to be heard on the stage, I want to publicly thank every person that came to audition this year. It is so brave and empowering to share some of your personal story and I’m grateful that you trusted me and Listen To Your Mother with it. Thank you.

The cast will be announced here on Monday, March 30th and tickets will also go on sale that day! Grab your friends and get ready to celebrate motherhood with us on Friday, May 8th at 7pm. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!

A huge thank you to Uptown Cafe for hosting auditions! They are always so welcoming and friendly in addition to the delicious speciality coffees, tea, soda bar & food! It is the perfect, happening spot to host a laid back audition as we tell stories of motherhood.