B&G Sealcoating and Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. Offers Higher Quality Service Over the “Door Knockers”

B&G Sealcoating and Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. Offers Higher Quality Service Over the “Door Knockers”
By: Colleen Hannon Last Updated: July 6, 2016

It’s that time again, and with all this beautiful weather we’ve been having, home and business owners everywhere are setting up to do some property maintenance and preservation on their driveways and parking lots. Asphalt can be very expensive to replace, which makes proper maintenance an important role in extending the life of your driveway or parking lot.

B&G Sealcoating and Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. in Valparaiso invites you to call on them for your driveway and/or parking lot repairs and upkeep. B&G offers a regular maintenance program that recommends seal coating every other year, two years at the most, depending on the condition of your driveway.

Seal coating and Hot Rubber crack fill provides a protective barrier against hard chemicals like gas, oils, deicers, and salt, etc. Oxidizing from the sun, water penetration and the freeze-thaw cycles causes cracks to increase in size over time so it’s important to fill in those cracks before greater damage has begun.

B&G has been in business for many years, working with commercial and residential customers. They are a licensed, bonded and insured business who takes pride in the quality of their work.

There are many “door knockers” out there wanting to do the job that are not doing it right or with the same amount of pride in the quality of their work as B&G. B&G has re-done and fixed many driveways that “door knockers” have done.

B&G will NOT knock on your door to get your attention. The proof comes from their amazing customers’ testimonies who have wonderful things to say about B&G and continue to come back for services:

“My driveway is beautiful. Thank you for going the extra mile and making that happen.” said one customer.

“I have always been pleased with the work your company has done and I want no part of these people who ‘just happen to be in the neighborhood.’ I would be glad to recommend your company anytime.” said another.

See more customer testimonials on their exceptional work here.

B&G not only provides exceptional customer service, but all products used are commercial grade and are hand applied, unless otherwise requested for larger commercial parking lots.

B&G does NOT dilute their products like some “door knockers” do. Building customer relationships for the long-term is far too important to them. The quality of their product, experience and the know-how to do the job right is what keeps its customers coming back every year for their driveway and/or parking lot maintenance.

For more information and a FREE estimate, call 219-465-5141 or 219-364-1928.