Baby Update: Lilith’s 1st Vacation

deanna-baby-vacationJust about a year ago I found out that I was going to be having a baby. I have been able to share many exciting milestones with all of you. Being a first time mom has so many exciting days.

From the first moment you see your little one every day seems like a first. Recently, Baby Lifer Lilith took her first plane ride and vacation. Her "Nana", my mom, moved to the Sunshine State about a year ago so we decided to ditch the cold Indiana weather and head to the sun for a week.

She did such a good job on her first plane ride. She was only upset during the decent and as soon as we were on the ground and she saw her Aunt Kiki and Nana she was all smiles.

The week included so many great moments. We were able to take her to the beach for the first time and even feed her cereal for the first time. Although she was four and a half months old it was so exciting to see how she reacted to the sand. She was very confused by the feel of it but also very curious.

She also got to spend the week seeing so much of my family again. To me family is so important and although we may be a 1,000 miles apart we always find a way to stay connected.