Bailly Elementary Presents Fourth Grade Play

By: Duneland School Corporation Last Updated: June 26, 2013

Bailly-Brixton-BrothersBailly Elementary fourth graders in Cris Petro’s class presented the play, The Brixton Brothers and the Case of the Case of the Mistaken Identity, at the end of this past school year. Students performed for students, staff and parents during the school day and had a special evening performance for the community in early June.

Pictured cast members are, front row, left to right, Kate Nevers, Mitch McElfresh, Kayleigh Witherspoon, Sammi Autenrieth, Aidan Thompson and Mariah England. Row 2, Luch Novreske, Jake Ciesielski, Mike Cole, Roxanne Schwab, Emma Replin, James Stokes, Aiden Justak, Haley Horton and Emmie Fredrickson. Back row, Jacob McCormick, Emily Lewis, Abi Hafner, Austin Hoover, Lillian Hampton, Sean Elliott, Connor Miller and Syd Baranko.

Students made the sets, worked on the script and each had a role in the plays.