Banquet to Honor Top 5% of the Class of 2012

By: Chesterton High School Last Updated: May 7, 2012

Chesterton-TrojansChesterton High School will host the 23rd annual 5% Club Banquet for those 22 students in the top 5% of the senior class of 2012. The banquet will be held at the Waterbird Lakeside Inn and Spa on Wednesday, May 9 at 6:00 p.m. and is being sponsored this year by Duneland Education Foundation and the Duneland School Corporation.

Each student in the top 5% have selected a educator who has influenced or inspired them in their educational career to attend the banquet with them. Students will receive a medallion that they will wear at graduation ceremonies as well as an engraved wooden frame to store their medallion after graduation.

Those students in the 5% Club and their selected guest are: student/educator

Andrew Allmon/Thomas Kennedy, Matthew Borowiak/Jack Neuliep, Robert Carstens III/Lisa Dyer, Emily DeLache/Julia Clark, Lindsay Gorman/Gary Richardson, Thomas Jaeger Jr./Vince Arizzi, Laurin Katzmarek/Brian Norris, Allison Keator/Robert Woolever, Lauren Kenney/Robert DeRuntz, Toni Kuziela/Judy Coffer, Samantha Lee/Donna Whitenack, Michael LeopoldScott Woodhouse, Jessica Lohse/William Guinee, Madelaine Miller/Matthew Gland, Sean Miller/Kim Stahura, Jacob Pruitt/David Keammerer, Donald Puent III/David Bullock, Anna Raffin/Annie Welsh, Michaela Raffin/Lei Sensibaugh, Michelle Sikora/Michele Bartels, Charity Vallangeon Lisa Scheiber and Jonathan Vincent/Chris Lowery.