Bartholomew Funeral Home Supports Community’s Shifting Needs

Bartholomew Funeral Home Supports Community’s Shifting Needs

Death is a topic that many people, understandably, don’t spend much time discussing. Many shy away from the subject, not wanting to talk about what will happen after they or their loved ones die. It’s too frightening, too sad, too uncomfortable. It is natural to want to ignore death and push it from our minds for as long as we possibly can, but the reality is that one day we will all die, and one of the best ways to help our families and friends through the grieving process is to have conversations about what will happen to us after we die, especially when it comes to arrangements.

Luckily for the Valparaiso community, The Newhards of Bartholomew Funeral Home in Valparaiso strive to provide important information about different arrangements so that when a death happens, people are better prepared and have more space to grieve. 

“I think it's important to make the public aware, so that at a time when they might be having a difficult time when they might not be thinking straight due to emotions or grief, that they kind of have an idea of what all is involved, what they need to be prepared for,” said Kyle Newhard, office manager of Bartholomew Funeral Home. 

There are two main options for what happens to a person’s body after they pass away: burial or cremation. Burial used to be the most common arrangement, but over the past 20 years, there has been a shift in people’s preferences all across the country. Preferences for burial and cremation are now equal. It is important to look at the positives and negatives of each option before making a decision on what is best for you or your loved ones. 

The biggest benefit of choosing a burial is that psychologically, it can offer more closure than a cremation. Family and friends get to have that final moment of seeing their loved one with their eyes closed, and that moment is psychologically proven to help a person come to terms with the fact that their loved one is gone. Also, with burial, there is typically a physical headstone and final resting place that people can visit if they want to feel near that person again, which can also comfort a person knowing there is a special place. 

Some of the drawbacks of burial are that it’s not as environmentally friendly as cremation—land is taken up for burial. Burial is also typically more expensive than cremation, which for some people can be a huge burden.

Cremation is the more flexible of the two options. Because of this, the biggest benefit of choosing cremation is that a person’s remains do not need to remain in one place. If a family moves around a lot, they can bring their loved one’s remains with them, which for some people is a huge comfort knowing they don’t have to leave their loved one behind. Also, if a person dies somewhere away from their home and family, it can be easier for them to be transported. 

Oftentimes, people will spread their loved one’s ashes somewhere that they enjoyed in life. Knowing that their loved one rests in a place they loved can give many people closure in a way that burial doesn’t. 

Cremation is typically cheaper than burial, but as gas gets more expensive and more people to start choosing cremation over burial, the price of a cremation will continue to go up. Also, even though many people consider cremation to be the greener option, lots of fossil fuels are used in the cremation process, which makes it less green than people would think. 

The choice between burial and cremation is ultimately very personal. There is no right or wrong choice. Preferences for the two options may be equal now, but opinions are constantly changing and the funeral home industry changes with them. The most important thing to keep in mind is what option will be the best for you and your family in providing closure. 

Death is a difficult topic, but knowing what your options are for yourself and your loved ones can be a huge comfort. The team at Bartholomew Funeral Home is always open to answering people’s questions and providing important information that may just make some of the hardest moments of a person’s life a little easier. 

“No matter what you choose, whether it’s cremation or burial, we want you to be informed,” said Newhard. 

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