Be On The Lookout for #BoulderBayRocks – Putting Inspiring, Positive Messages Throughout Valparaiso

Be On The Lookout for #BoulderBayRocks – Putting Inspiring, Positive Messages Throughout Valparaiso

The team at Boulder Bay Realty recently got together to try and make someone’s day. They decorated rocks with pictures and inspiring messages, taking inspiration from a similar project, and have now placed the rocks all over Valparaiso for people to find and share.

Crystal Soliday from Boulder Bay Realty headed up this project and, above all else, she wanted to give inspiration to others.

“Once the company heard of this they quickly jumped in and were excited,” Soliday said. “They simply want to help make other people’s days.”

“We would love it if people posted a picture of the rock they find on their Facebook and ours so they can share the kindness and help make other people's days also. If the rock speaks to them please keep it so it can inspire you, or you can hide it again for someone else to find and enjoy,” she said.

This positive spirit and desire to make an impact is commonplace at Boulder Bay Realty and the team jumped into action in a big way. Here’s what some of the Boulder Bay team had to say about the project:

"This project fit our company well. Our goal is to add value in everything we do whether it be work or in our personal lives," said Boulder Bay owner, Lynda Anderson.

Jay Borns said, “It is a current trend to find and re-hide painted rocks. They seem to be popping up everywhere and it is the kind of thing that just brings people together and creates wonderment for all who participates. My daughter was running at Coffee Creek and found three rocks. She redistributed them throughout and now they are there for someone else to find. Just a small, fun thing to add to our busy day!”

“#BoulderBayRocks is a unique activity that's not only clean fun for kids and adults alike, but also has an overarching goal: bringing the community together,” said Boulder Bay’s Matt Redmond. “This goal was met in spades as it also helped bring the Boulder Bay community together. Our teamwork in contributing over 300 decorated rocks showcased our strong desire and passion to contribute to our community in an innocent and uplifting way. Personally, while demonstrating my not-so-creative artistic side, I couldn't help but have my nieces in the back of my mind. They too have a ball participating in Valpo Rocks, and picturing them running around the park, peering into every bush, nook, and cranny, while jumping in excitement with each rock they find, was reason enough for me to participate. Furthermore, as testament to how strongly this activity brings the community together, earlier today, while hiding our rocks, I saw many adults watching us and smiling simply because they knew what we were doing, and how finding those rocks could easily make a child's day. Partaking in a project that's bigger than oneself can be very rewarding, and doing it all while having fun and bonding with the team, is definitely a winning combination.”

Annmarie Kohler said, “Not only was this a great opportunity to come together as a company, we also got to do something together that will probably make a lot of children, families, friends and people we don’t even know smile. We wanted to find a way to do something fun in the community. I had no idea that Valpo had its own page on Facebook called “Valpo Rocks”. We decided to piggyback on that and make our own hashtag called #BoulderBayRocks. Pun, definitely intended. With people already finding our photos, we want to make sure we can see what they found. Some people are already finding rocks, and rehiding them.”

If you find a #BoulderBayRocks somewhere in Valparaiso be sure to take a picture and post it on social media using the #BoulderBayRocks and #ValpoRocks!