Beautiful Savior to Implement Safety Procedures When Resuming In-Person Worship

Beautiful Savior to Implement Safety Procedures When Resuming In-Person Worship

“It has been strange to keep the doors locked, preach to an empty room, and have no one with whom to enjoy a cup of coffee,” remarks Pastor Kevin Boushek of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

Two months have passed since Beautiful Savior’s leadership recognized it was appropriate to suspend in-person worship as COVID-19 cases increased across the nation, and state and local governments encouraged citizens to shelter-in-place. Instead, the congregation immediately began to live stream all worship services. Pastor Boushek shares, “We labored to balance God’s commands and our desires to worship together, to honor our government, and to care for one another and our community.”

In step with Indiana’s Back on Track plan, Beautiful Savior has chosen to resume in-person worship on Sunday, May 31st for all who are comfortable joining together in person. Beautiful Savior’s worship services will continue to be streamed live on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. The church will enact significant health and safety policies to provide a safe environment for all who worship and protect the greater La Porte community. 

Beautiful Savior has posted their policy and plans for resuming worship on its website:

Pastor Boushek understands that social distancing and other important changes will make these in-person services feel strange too. “However,” he states, “we are grateful for the opportunity to gather around God’s Word and hear his message of hope for our time.” 

You may access the live stream of Beautiful Savior’s worship services on Facebook: OR through its website: