Become a Mentor, Change a Life

By: Contributor Last Updated: August 1, 2011

Discoveries-Unlimited-STEM-mentorship"If I can encourage a young Mentee to pursue a STEM career, I feel good knowing that I contributed to developing a leader for the future." --Amanda, STEM Mentor

Are you knowledgeable about careers and career paths in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM)? Are you concerned that today's youth (girls in particular) may not be prepared for 21st Century STEM jobs that can be available to them here in Northwest Indiana? Are you worried that girls aren't always encouraged to pursue their talent and interest in a career in STEM? Do you want the chance to make a difference in a young girl's life with one email per week and one really fun in-person meeting per month?

YES? Then we need YOU!!!

Apply today to become a STEM Mentor. Visit our website at to apply online!

Do you know others who might be interested in mentoring? Please help us spread the word! disc-unlim

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