Beekley Medical selects Community Healthcare System radiologist for EMPOWER Mammography award

Beekley Medical selects Community Healthcare System radiologist for EMPOWER Mammography award

Community Healthcare System breast radiologist Janushi Dalal, MD, has been recognized by Beekley Medical® with the EMPOWER award for Mammography. The annual distinction is presented to outstanding breast health professionals who go above and beyond their everyday role to impact patients and advocate for breast health.

“Beekley Medical congratulates Dr. Dalal and the amazing team at the Women’s Diagnostic Center of St. Mary Medical Center, part of Northwest Indiana’s Community Healthcare System,” said Melissa Vibberts, director of Beekley Brand Management. “We are inspired by your commitment to work together as a team with the singular focus of making women’s lives better through early detection of breast cancer.”

As a radiologist, Dalal’s mission is to ensure that women over 40 years of age get a mammogram done every year. Early detection is key to battling cancer and she believes that every woman who visits the center is taking a very brave step in their health.

St. Mary Medical Center CEO Janice Ryba said, “We are proud to have Dr. Dalal as part of our Women’s Diagnostic Center team. We feel privileged to work beside an extraordinary physician. Not only does she reach out to the patients, but to their family members as well. She clearly represents the mission and values of our healthcare system by serving patients with dignity and compassion. She has made a difference in the lives of so many.”

Women’s Diagnostic Center supervisor Donna Faitak confirms that Dalal is compassionate, caring and driven to help other women.

“Every day Dr. Dalal advocates for early detection and tries to bridge the disparities that may inhibit a patient from having an exam,” Faitak said. “She communicates biopsy results to her patients, then makes appointments for them. She gives the patient and their families all the time they need to talk and discuss options.”

Dalal also has demonstrated commitment to the Northwest Indiana community by providing breast talks for the public and giving her time to advance research and raise awareness, according to Faitak.

“In June, 2019, she helped raise more than $141,000 for the American Cancer Society’s ResearcHERS™-Women Fighting Cancer of Indiana,” she said. “This fund helps to advance women-led cancer research and gender equity in STEM-related careers. She also recently had an article published in the ACR bulletin, ‘Working to Empower Women,’ and another in our local newspaper entitled, ‘Every month is a good one for breast cancer screening’.”

Upon accepting the award, Dalal gave credit and thanks to the entire Community Healthcare System radiology team for what they do each and every day and for their commitment to breast cancer screening, especially during COVID-19.

“They are the superheroes who wear many hats,” she said. “My role in this is just to help where I can because we all must support one another.”

One of the best things about working at the Women’s Diagnostic Centers of Community Healthcare System, Dalal said, is that she works with the patients from mammogram through treatment and follow-up and seeing her patients find the light at the end of the tunnel is an experience she could not find anywhere else.

“I tell them that they are empowering themselves; they are taking charge of their lives and their health,” she said. “It is a little uncomfortable and it is okay to be a little anxious, but with early detection, we save lives. When they say, ‘I’m going to do this for my family,’ and I see them at follow-up, they are universally stronger than they ever believed they could be. Seeing that makes me grateful to do my job every day.”

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