#BeerFacts Brought To You By Indiana Beverage

#BeerFacts Brought To You By Indiana Beverage
By: Anthony Cleveland Last Updated: April 10, 2017

Pile on some homebrewed trivia and embrace your inner beer snob with these facts brought to you by Indiana Beverage.  Cheers! 

Ales vs. Lagers
There is basically two types of beer: Ale & Lager. The difference between the two is all in the yeast. Ale yeast ferments at the top and requires a warmer temperature (usually about room temperature), Lagers, on the other hand, take some time to ferment from the bottom. These beers also ferment at a colder temperature. Variations of Ales include Stouts, IPAs, Porters. Lager styles include Pilsners, Bocks, Octoberfest styles. These variations depend on hops, grain, and yeast variation used. 

IPA? APA? What? 
IPA stands for India Pale Ale. These are very hoppy or bitter beers. The name comes from British beer exporters who were trying to send fresh beer to India without it spoiling. Hops work as a natural preservative, so the solution was to add more hops and the IPA was born!

Use Sorcery to Make Warm Beer Cold in 3 Minutes
Warm beer and you need it cold now? Grab a bowl, fill it with water, add salt and your beer cans. Keep stirring and in about two minutes your beer is nice and cold. (wash off the salt before you drink from the can!) 

Egyptian Beer! 
The Egyptians often paid their workers in beer. They received about four liters of beer a day -- so about 2 six packs. Its safe to say that beer built the pyramids.

The London Beer Flood of 1814
In 1814 huge vats of beer were ruptured at a London brewery. The result was 400,000 gallons of beer washing out into the streets. The flood destroyed two homes and resulted in several deaths.

Earn You B.A. in Beer Now!
The study of beer and beer brewing is called Zythology. Several universities offer degrees in Fermentation Science and Technology. So, next beer you crack open just say you’re a Zythologist and you need to get back to work.

Praise the Almighty Beer Goat
The Vikings believed that in Valhalla there was a goat whose udders would supply an unlimited amount of beer. “Anybody thirsty? I milked the beer goat myself.”

Needs Me Spinach 
Some studies show beer actually makes your bones stronger. It’s full of silicon that increases calcium deposits and minerals for bone tissue. So its true: “Guinness Makes You Strong”

George Washington's Brew
George Washington had his own brew house at Mount Vernon. Records of his recipe are available for the public to brew. But, its not very good.

"Take a large Sifter full of Bran Hops to your Taste — Boil these 3 hours. Then strain out 30 Gall. into a Cooler put in 3 Gallons Molasses while the Beer is scalding hot or rather drain the molasses into the Cooler. Strain the Beer on it while boiling hot let this stand til it is little more than Blood warm. Then put in a quart of Yeast if the weather is very cold cover it over with a Blanket. Let it work in the Cooler 24 hours then put it into the Cask. leave the Bung open til it is almost done working — Bottle it that day Week it was Brewed.”

Chill out, man! It's medicinal!
During Prohibition, docotors prescribed "medical beer" to patients. This didn’t last long and was only available for about 8 months at the begining of the ban.