#BehindTheRibbon: Meet Betty Jo Norris of Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana

Betty-Jo-Norris-2016Betty Jo Norris travels from Monticello for her job at Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana. She does it for the family she works with and the pride she has in providing safety and security for a community through its garage doors.

Overhead Door employees have a unique camaraderie. Despite being a national chain, each franchise is its own small business. That means a tight staff and a more personal touch.

“We know each other very well,” says Norris. “It’s easier. When there are problems, we work together to resolve them. We’re like a family, always willing to help each other.”

For Norris, some of her co-workers are literally her family. Jim and Tom Cameron are her brothers. Her nephew Jimmy also works at Overhead Door.

After previously working at a different garage door company over 25 years ago, Norris joined the Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana team two years ago. Even in those two years, technology changes have made the job easier for Norris.

“We all play lots of roles here,” Norris says. “We help each other out. It’s a busy place with a small team but the there is a dedication and pride that each person who works here has got.”

Some of Norris’ titles include Office Manager, Accounts Receivable, and Customer Service Representative. She answers phones and takes care of sales orders. Some days she does data entry. Other days, Norris is a bill collector. It fits her personality to stay so busy. Her time away from Overhead Door is spent running a trucking company she owns with her husband.

“I come here and I work the same as I do at my own company: with seriousness and dedication.”

The ability of the employees to get along well with each other and with the public really speaks to the longevity of Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana.

“Overhead Door is well known,” Norris says. “Similar businesses are gone now, but Overhead Door is a well established name. We were here way before the others. We provide comfort and security to the community through their garage doors.”

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