#BehindTheRibbon: Meet Nick Chengary, Service Technician at Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana

#BehindTheRibbon: Meet Nick Chengary, Service Technician at Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana
By: Allison Tunstall Last Updated: April 5, 2017

Nick Chengary, a service technician for Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana, was born in Hegewisch community area of Chicago but now resides in Whiting. His career with Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana started last June when he was brought on board to be a part of the team and as a service technician, Chengary spends his days installing and repairing garage doors.

“Before starting at Overhead Door, I was a merchandiser for Calumet Breweries,” Chengary said. “And before that, I managed a liquor store, so this is the first job that was out of that realm and in this industry.”

Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana has been in business for over thirty years. The company offers services like repairing broken garage doors or installing new doors for residential or commercial complexes, all completed by a team of dedicated technicians, like Chengary.

“When I first started, for the first couple of months they had me installing doors in new construction homes,” Chengary said. "So, every day I would go out to new homes and put up new garage doors. And recently, a position for a technician opened up, so now I do repairs on openers or doors that are broken.”

Overhead Door has a reputation as a company that puts family first and Chengary can see that every day when he comes into work. The environment is always friendly and really, it’s like a family.

“Before I first started, I didn’t know what I was doing because I was so new to the business,” he explained. “But everyone here was very patient and understanding with me and took the time to teach me everything and made sure I was comfortable.”

Chengary also loves that he is always on the go and meeting new people.

“I’m never stuck in the same place all day,” Chengary explained. “I don’t get cabin fever from sitting in the same spot for nine hours. Plus, I love talking to people. When I travel to a new place, the people I meet are really great.”

When Chengary isn’t traveling around Northwest Indiana, he loves to play video games, build computers for himself and for friends, and video or music editing.

If you are having trouble with your garage door or need a new installation, give Overhead Door of Northwest Indiana a call and one of their dedicated technicians like Nick Chengary will be there. For more information, go to www.overheaddoornwi.com