Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center Running on Green Power

rot7Children won’t be the only ones curious to learn when they visit Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center this year. Kids and parents alike will learn that Bellaboo’s is running on renewable energy through a sponsorship by Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO).

For an entire year, the play and discovery center is running on 100 percent renewable energy, as part of NIPSCO’s Green Power Program.

The partnership is intended to help raise awareness of renewable energy and NIPSCO’s Green Power Program, which allows customers to designate all or a portion of their monthly electric usage to be generated from renewable sources.

“This is a great opportunity for Bellaboo’s,” said Chris Landgrave, Superintendent of Business Development for Lake County Parks. “Our entire focus is to help children learn while they play, and this is just another opportunity for not only children, but also their parents, to learn more about green power and how it works.”

“We have a lot of activities planned for Earth Week and are excited to be able to add another learning opportunity for children and their families,” added Landgrave.

To aid in their education, NIPSCO will provide an interactive board for children that answers questions about where energy comes from.

“Bellaboo’s provides a fun avenue for learning, so this partnership is a great way to spread the word on renewable energy,” said Kelly Carmichael, Director of Environmental Safety and Sustainability for NIPSCO.

About Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center
Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center is a self-directed play facility providing colorful, fun and secure areas where children from infants to age nine can explore, create and interact. To learn more about Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center, visit

About NIPSCO’s Green Power Program
The Green Power Program allows residential, commercial and industrial electric customers to designate 25, 50 or 100 percent of their monthly electric usage to be attributed to renewable energy sources. Commercial and industrial participants also have the flexibility to designate five or 10 percent of their monthly usage.

Customers who enroll in the Green Power Program will pay a monthly premium in addition to NIPSCO’s standard electric rate—approximately $2 per month for the average home. To ensure the electricity used can be attributed to renewable energy, NIPSCO purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). RECs are the environmental attributes that are derived when electricity is generated from renewable and/or environmentally friendly sources.

Currently there are about 940 homes and businesses enrolled in NIPSCO’s Green Power Program.

For more information on the program, to enroll or see what NIPSCO is doing to protect the environment, visit