Ben Franklin Students Celebrate Year End by Serving the Community

As a part of their annual Service Day, nearly 100 eighth graders from Ben Franklin Middle School ventured across the community to lend a helping hand. “This is the first year we’re doing a community-wide service project,” shared Ben Franklin Guidance Counselor Becky Cowan. “It’s a really good experience.”

The students were split into group, each working on a different community project. From gathering teddy bears to give to a children’s hospital and binding textbooks that need repair to beautifying the courtyard at the school and washing the cars of the Valparaiso Police Department, all of the kids were involved in giving back in some way.

At the Police Department, squeals of laughter could be heard as the kids scrubbed and sprayed down the cars. “They’re doing a great job, washing and drying the cars,” smiled Pat Swanson, Director of School Safety. Detective Castellanos even joked about bringing the kids back next May before inspections. “We are grateful to have our cars cleaned,” he said.

More than just a school obligation, the students really got into the spirit of giving back. “It’s great to come out and give back to the community,” shared 8th grader Sam Klemz. “We really enjoy helping the police,” Sandy Ramos said. Anayeli Fuentes went on to say, “This is a great way to help the community.