Benefits of Online Banking and Bill Pay

horizon-online-bankingYour busy life on the go doesn’t always allow for biweekly trips to a brick-and-mortar bank branch, does it? What you need is an easy financial solution to pay bills, monitor account balances and keep track of your spending.

Maybe it’s time to consider Horizon’s safe and secure online banking system? Free and simple to use, online banking with Horizon can help you do the following financial tasks and more without leaving your living room:

1) Set up your account to pay bills
Once activated for online banking with Horizon Bank, use the “Bill Pay” button to enroll electronically for our online bill pay service. Online bill pay will enable you to make payments, receive bills and take advantage of other convenient features. Take care of your next year’s phone bills, rent or other expenditures in minutes.

Set recurring payments for monthly expenditures
Save stamps and trips to the post office

2) Manage your bills
Online bill pay allows you to do more than simply make payments. You can view your bill history, grab a high-level view with our payment center and set up reminders for all bills. It’s all outlined in an easy-to-read, intuitive format.

Learn about your spending history
Reminders help you never miss another payment

3) Transfer funds
Want to move funds from one account to another? Easily transfer money with Horizon Bank’s online transfer form. This system can be used to transfer funds between all accounts related to your account profile. In a few clicks, you’ll be able to move money on an individual or recurring basis.

Juggle personal/business accounts with ease
Maintain control over all your finances in one place

Like what you see? Learn more about Horizon’s online banking services and give our system a demonstration here.

Here are some general tips to help prevent online banking scams and avoid fraudulent charges to your account:

  • Never give your Social Security Number to an unverified source online, even if it appears legitimate.
  • Frequently monitor your accounts and balances.
  • Use secure connections when banking online.