Benjamin Franklin Middle School Cross Country Runs Well Against Crown Point Wheeler

BF TJ Middle School XCountry5The Benjamin Franklin Vikings had another beautiful start to their season against Crown Point Wheeler. The team couldn’t have asked for better weather at Rogers Lakewood Park on this sunny Tuesday afternoon. Almost all teams came out with a win, and the teams who didn’t fell just short.

The 6th grade boys’ team was defeated with a score of 40-21. Tyler Vallareal came in second overall with his person best time of 8: 37. Collin Miller and Nick Wagenblast scored for the team and were in a close race coming in 6th and 7th. Andrew Rhode and William Roberts also helped score for the team.

The 6th grade girls’ were defeated in a close match with a score of 31-26. Emma Fitzgerald ran her personal best record of 8:34 and came in first overall. Julia Kramjac and Julia Arnold followed in next receiving 4th and 5th place ribbons with times close times of 9:46 and 10:05. Megan Tanner and Abby Pruitt also helped score for their team.

The 7th grade boys’ team dominated Crown Point with a score of 15-56. Carlos Martinez came in 1st overall with his personal record time of the year at 7:35. Curtis Jones and Gunnar Pullins followed in close behind receiving 2nd at 7:40 and 3rd with a time of 7:41. Nathan Budnik and Riley Sorrick also had outstanding races to help score for the team.

The 7th grade girls’ team also defeated Crown Point with a score of 20-53. Logan Fergren received 2nd overall but first for her team with a time of 8:48. Emma Pollitt and Taesa Stock came in close behind to receive 3rd and 4th with times at 8:49 and 9:00. Madie Miltenberger and Megan Dalton came in next at 5th and 6th to score for the lady Vikings.

The 8th grade added a second win to their season by beating Crown Point Wheeler. Ian Holmes led the way receiving 1st place overall with a personal record time of the season at 12:18. Theran Coulopoulos and Nathan Mathews came in next for the team with times at 12:41 and 14:04. Will Marischen and Caleb Gall came in close behind to score for the BF Vikings.

The 8th grade girls swept Crown Point Wheeler to add another win to their season. Julia Rhode came in 1st overall with a time of 12:50. Emily Miltenberger and Addie Balcerak worked hard to receive 2nd and 3rd places with times at 12:56 and 13:21. Emily farmer and Ingrid Wagner also helped the team score by coming in 4th and 5th.