Benjamin Franklin Middle School Participates in 2014 Jar Wars

2014-Benjamin-Franklin-Jar-WarsThe Ben Franklin Middle School Student Council’s “Jar Wars” fundraiser was a huge success this year, with students and staff raising $1860.00 to help make the holidays brighter for those in need. The money was raised during the week before Thanksgiving and will provide gifts to 62 Valparaiso Community School students.

“I’m ecstatic so many participated in this year’s ‘Jar Wars’,” said Alex Clanton, age 13, and BFMS 8th Grade Student Council President.

During “Jar Wars,” each advisory class is given an empty milk jug with students being encouraged to donate their loose change to the cause. Coins count as positive points equal to their face value; for example a quarter equals 25 points. But there’s a twist: students can ‘sabotage’ other classes by putting dollar bills in their milk jugs. Dollar bills count as negative points.

This year Mr. Walker’s advisory class had the most positive points with Mr. Otto’s and Mr. Cvelbar’s classes coming in second and third place, respectively. These top three winning classes will be rewarded with Ben’s Soft Pretzels, paid for with money the student council raised from selling concessions at this fall’s Drive-in Movie Night event.

Denice Scott, who teaches Family & Consumer Science at BFMS and who serves as Student Council Advisor, noted this is the 18th consecutive year for the school’s “Jar Wars” fundraiser. “I couldn’t be more proud of our Ben Franklin students along with many of the teachers and support staff members. It’s wonderful to see how these young people come together to help fellow classmates and their families enjoy a happy holiday.”

“The kids really understand the meaning of the season by giving thanks for what they have by sharing with those in need,” she smiles.

This year’s shopping will be done by the members of Ben Franklin’s Builder’s Club. These students will spend a Saturday afternoon choosing gifts for the 62 students from numbered note cards listing the items the parent(s) have requested, all while staying within the budget of $30 per student. Some items parents have requested are hats, gloves, pajamas, and a toy or game.

The event is one of several fundraisers conducted at Ben Franklin Middle School. The school will host its first-ever talent show at 6 p.m., Friday, December 12 in the school auditorium. The event is free to those who bring a can of food. All donations will be donated to a local food pantry. The Student Council will hold another food drive in the spring.