Blackbird Bio: Talia Pasquali

Talia-PasqualiTalia Pasquali is the Blackbird employee that we will be profiling this week.

Born and raised in both Maine and Florida, Pasquali understands what the term 'change' actually means. She moved to Chesterton on the last day of 2012 (just in time for the Chicago New Year's fireworks!).

In her free time, Pasquali enjoys biking on the Chesterton trails, spending time at Porter Beach, and exploring the hidden nature that the dunes have to offer.

Her favorite part about working at Blackbird is meeting new people everyday.

"The environment is really laid back, which makes working here very low stress. Even though there are times when it gets hectic, I love working with all of the staff members," Pasquali stated.

Feel free to stop by Blackbird Café to join Pasquali, as well as rest of the Blackbird gang, for a bite!