Blackbird Cafe Supports Local Artists

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 9, 2015

random-artHave you ever noticed what’s on the walls at Blackbird Café? Artwork, lots of it. But it isn’t just any random artwork that you can find at big box stores, it’s the original works of local artists.

Why does this happen?

“We at Blackbird love to support our local community whether it’s with the arts or a local nonprofit,” Mary Koselke, owner of Blackbird Café said. “We have lots of talent in the area and this is a really great way to show it off.”

Paintings of all types, photographs, and other art forms adorn the walls throughout the year, changing every few months to give multiple artists equal opportunity to share their passion.

Blackbird has really served as a social hub for Valparaiso for many years. People from all walks of live come through its doors to sit and have breakfast, meet for a business lunch, or just stop in for a quick cuppa to go. This is the most lively art gallery that Valpo has to offer.

So next time you go in there, take a look not only at their menu, but also at the walls of Blackbird. There you will see some talent that deserves to be seen.