Blackbird Cafe Will Host an Open Mic Night for Local Artists!

Blackbird-CafeBlackbird Cafe is a hub for great artists of all kinds. With the walls sporting art from local artists, it’s easy to see that it’s a welcome stop for those with a creative side. Once inside, visitors can choose between a traditional table or the more laid back, comfortable couches that allow people to get whatever work done they need, or just relax with some great conversation. The atmosphere lends itself well to the artsy type longing for a creative getaway.

Blackbird Cafe is known around town as a great place to go for an eclectic atmosphere, lively conversation, and amazing food and coffee. The fact that they take the time to support local art and organize events for it only serves to show their dedication to the community they serve.

Of the many things offered for entertainment in Valparaiso, why not stop by and support some local artists while sipping on some coffee?

This Saturday Blackbird Cafe is hosting Speak Your Truth, a spoken word and poetry open mic. The event invites artists of written word, spoken word, and music to perform original work on stage for a brief period of time, ensuring that there will be a great variety of styles for visitors to enjoy.

Among those reading will be Lily Someson, who organized the event. Her usual style of writing and poetry involves freeform and spoken word. She’ll also be selling her book of poetry at the event for $5 for anyone who is interested.

“I am a poetry major at Columbia College in Chicago, and since there aren’t a lot of poetry events in this area, I want to give people the space to share their poetry or for people to come and see what poets do,” said Someson.

Open Mic nights aren't the only events Blackbird Cafe organizes to support the arts. Recently they hosted an art pop up which featured artist, Sarah Park Convery, and her work of paintings and photography. The event concluded with an artist meet and greet, allowing the artist more recognition and a chance to meet with the community to discuss her work.

Saturday’s poetry reading is sure to be a great time, so if you find yourself needing a bit of entertainment, head over to Blackbird Cafe and help support some local artists. If poetry and music isn't your thing, stop in for some of the amazing treats and coffees they have on the menu and watch for other events soon!