Blackbird Cafe’s Everything Cookie: A Lifer Review

Blackbird Cafe’s Everything Cookie: A Lifer Review

Blackbird Cafe is known for its great coffee, delicious entrees, and, my personal favorite, an EPIC bakery selection. Blackbird has become the one-stop-shop for all food cravings on the spectrum. 

Looking through Blackbird’s bakery selection, customers are greeted with many tasty choices - but there was one that really caught my eye. It was a cookie like no other –the Everything Cookie. It looked like it had it all, but was it going to taste as good as it looked? Oh boy, did it. 

The oatmeal-based cookie is made with white chocolate chips, cranberry and classic raisins, and pecans. From the first bite, I could tell this cookie was going to be my new “go-to” sweet treat. So much, in fact, that I felt compelled to share it with my fellow Lifers. Here’s our full review of the Everything Cookie.

“This cookie is flavorful and a great mid-afternoon snack,” said Zavier Colon, IT Assistant at GreatNews.LIfe. 

“Oddly enough, this cookie tastes like the perfect autumn snack,” said contributing editor, Kayla Belec. “Now that the weather is getting a little crisper and cooler, I want to bundle up in a chunky knit sweater, drink a cup of coffee (from a MUG), read a dog-eared favorite book, and just nibble on one of these cookies every single day of October.”

“The everything cookie is the perfect fall snack, especially when munched on while enjoying an apple chai,” said contributing editor, Beth Ireland. “The cranberries zing in your mouth and mix with the sweetness of the white chocolate chips. It’s a very tasty cookie.”

“Overall, this is an awesome cookie. It’s soft in the middle and textured on the outside, which is why it’s the perfect cookie to me,” said graphic designer and editorial assistant, Sarah DeMars. “The white chocolate compliments the other flavors, and the walnuts give it a nice nutty taste.”

With rave reviews like these from the Lifer team, the Everything Cookie is officially “Lifer Approved” –would you expect anything less from Valpo’s longest running cafe? No matter what you choose from their dessert selection, you can’t go wrong with anything from the cafe’s bakery.

For more information on Blackbird Cafe and their menu selections, visit their website.