Blackbird Diaries: How Life Happens at Blackbird Cafe

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: November 12, 2012

BlackbirdDiariesMainPhotoFrom farmer to basketball coach, Jersey Shore to city council, professor to pastor, artist to biz girl, attorney to activist, hipster to granola girl, soccer mom to senior dad, the high school, college, x, y, boomer, and greatest generation all sit in these chairs every day.

They come to Blackbird Cafe for a hundred reasons. Nourishment of all kinds from the physical to the mental, and spiritual to legal, business, town chatter, dramatic, private, fun and personal.

Some are quiet and contemplative, one or two on their own, couples, mom's and dad's with a child, friends, co-workers, job interviews, first dates, old timers, and lot's folks just coming to talk , text, type, write, vent, laugh, or think.

The coolest thing about the place is they fit; their number, their pace, their preference, style, form, and function. They are who they are. Blackbird is just the place where they want to be...Themselves.

This is their diary. This is their place. I am just lucky to be part of this Life.