Blackbird Diaries: My Cup Overfloweth

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Time and time again, Wade-DarleneI walk in Blackbird Café’s door for my regular sustenance and my cup of coffee to so much good happening at once. Some are there, like me, to eat; others for get-togethers, a time to catch up and connect.

Just the other day, I saw Wade Breitzke of We Create Media and 27 Entertainment meeting with Jonathan Hildebrand of Centier Bank. Jonathan worked with me on Wade’s nomination for the 2012 E-Day Awards, both of us realizing how smart he is, well deserving of his Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Thomas-Quinn-PhotosThere’s the Curmudgeon Club as usual, with its changing mix of core members. This morning the club included Jacobs, Truitt, Butterfield, Bertig, and company, debating something having to do with politics, sports, town chatter, or history. They're always looking for the good news, and I bring it in.

Next table over is Darlene Cohn, of D. Cohn Communications, working on her social media marketing presentation. She is an active connector of ours, linking us to Regional Federal Credit Union, who is hosting her event, connecting us to Blackbird, where we first met, and keeping the information flowing from the Valpo Schools Foundation via their social media and online community. I’m really proud of what she is doing, what she’s building, and folks who connect with her are smart to do so. Check out what she covered at her event here.

Two doors down is Val Townsend, whose 50th Valparaiso High School reunion on Saturday went great, a really nice time seeing old friends. "It’s funny how some classmates stay exactly the same while some are completely different," she commented. Images for the night were capture by Tom Quinn, a good friend of mine and a Northwest Indiana photographer who also captured images for my adopted Valpo family at Tom and Arlene Cavanaugh’s 50th wedding anniversary on Friday.

It’s amazing how much good comes with a cup of coffee if you just open your eyes and ears to it.