Blue Chip Casino Keeps a Night Out Under One Roof with Endless Entertainment

Blue Chip Casino Keeps a Night Out Under One Roof with Endless Entertainment

To enjoy an evening out, all under one roof, how far would you need to travel? As it turns out, not very far, and Michigan City is the answer, with it’s amazing Blue Chip Casino! For a night away, the Blue Chip offers the best in entertainment, dining, and lodging for anyone needing to relax.

For many, the prospect of dinner and entertainment in one place is exceptional. Without the need to walk from place to place or call an Uber, everyone is able to enjoy their evening without worrying about the weather getting in the way of a good time.

“Blue Chip is a perfect “one stop shop” and I love it. The snow and cold outside when we visited didn’t matter because we had no need to leave,” said Jenny Craig-Brown, one of the Lifer Ladies lucky enough to enjoy an evening getaway there earlier this month. “There are great places to eat, dance, play, and just have a ton of fun. All right there, steps from your hotel room. I love all of it!”

The Blue Chip Casino offers the best of both worlds. With dining including a cafe, The Game sports bar, and William B’s, there is something for everyone to enjoy, at any price point. With William B’s having an amazing restaurant manager and sommelier, Patrick Cullars, a perfect wine pairing can be made for any meal in house.

“I’ve been here for 12 years and I have the perfect job. I have a wonderful staff,” explained Collars. “I started in the restaurant business in my early 20’s, here I am still going strong, still growing, and I take what I learn from the Court of Master Sommeliers and I bring it back here.”

After dinner and an excellent glass of wine, the entertainment options are endless. With a casino full of games to suit any style, guests can try their luck and seek their fortune. They’re also welcome to enjoy live music at Rocks Lounge, or a DJ at It’s Vegas Baby!

“I’ve been to It’s Vegas Baby! a number of times and always have a blast! There aren’t too many clubs in Northwest Indiana who offer live DJ’s that can keep you dancing for hours,” said Candace Arvin. “ Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply out with friends, Vegas Baby always puts life into the party!”

Surely the stay couldn’t get any better, but Blue Chip is sure to prove guests wrong there as well. With beautiful rooms, a free valet, a gift shop, and the spa, the Blue Chip offers an amazing getaway for couples or groups, all under one roof!