Vicky Golden & Boulder Bay Realty Setting High Standards in NW Indiana Real Estate

Vicky Golden & Boulder Bay Realty Setting High Standards in NW Indiana Real Estate
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: April 11, 2017

For Boulder Bay Realty’s Vicky Golden, a career in real estate was something she’d always thought about pursuing. Golden moved back to the region recently after living in Michigan for 15 years and, with her youngest child off to college, she thought this was the ideal time to dive into the business.

“Real estate is something that I’ve always been interested in,” Golden said. “I’ve done several different things in the past and I’ve worked in the home construction business. Once my youngest went to college I thought this was a great time to start a new career.”

While she was going through the process of obtaining her license, Golden was introduced to Lynda Anderson, owner of Boulder Bay Realty.

“Somewhere along the way I was connected with Lynda (Anderson),” she said. “I met with her and I was very impressed with her, the integrity she has, with the way the team works, the support we get, and it just felt like a really good fit for me.”

Golden joined Boulder Bay in September and, in the six months since joining the team, it’s be a very pleasant and educating experience for her.

“She (Lynda) has very high standards and there’s constant ongoing education,” Golden described. “It’s a big deal because things are always changing and to be competitive, and to be the best at what we do, we need to evolve and move forward.”

“The team was, and is, to me, still very impressive,” she added. “We never just sit back. We’re always going forward one step at a time. Everyone works together and everybody has a role. Each team member has their own high standards. Lynda sets the bar very high and each individual is reaching for the same things so when you come on board you have all of the support that you need.”

In her interactions with clients, Golden knows that whatever service she will be providing is going to be backed up by the rest of the team at Boulder Bay, which is invaluable and emboldening.

“I feel, when I go out and I’m speaking to a client about the service that I can provide, it’s backed up,” Golden said. “I feel really good about that!”

While real estate schooling prepares students to become licensed, it’s nearly impossible to teach agents in the classroom about all of the ins and outs that they will experience in the real world. This is why being in the field or having the chance to learn, hands-on from seasoned agents becomes so valuable.

“You step out into the real estate world and there are a lot of little nuances that you’re unaware of,” said Golden. “This is the great things about Boulder Bay. Lynda’s got you covered. She’s got great programs in place, she’s going to lift you up, and she’s going to push you forward.”

“Across the whole team and with the independent agents, we truly want to see each other succeed,” she continued. “We all want to provide the highest level of representation for our clients. When you’re out selling and competing in an industry and you know that you have the best, it really sells itself. When I was considering Boulder Bay I never encountered one negative comment. Everything was positive about the company and about Lynda.”

For most people, buying a home will be the biggest purchase they make and the process and experience can be a stressful one. For new homebuyers the prospect can be a daunting one. Golden, and Boulder Bay Realty, make it their priority to smooth that process out as much as they can.

“It can be intimidating but it’s our job to help you through that and make you comfortable,” commented Golden. “With our experience, we’re here to guide you through the process and alleviate as much anxiety as we can.”

Part of what attracted Golden to Boulder Bay was the philanthropic values that the company takes so seriously.

“Giving back to organizations within our community is something that we’re involved with on a weekly basis. On a personal level, that makes me feel good and I really like that. I like being able to contribute and give back to our community.”

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