Boulder Bay Realty: Agents Who Help to Make Dreams into Reality

Boulder Bay Realty: Agents Who Help to Make Dreams into Reality

The Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty is built upon the principles of superior customer service and giving their clients what they deserve. What’s more is that Anderson and her team are invested in the community and look to help when and where they can.

Whether they’re an independent agent or on Lynda’s Team, Boulder Bay’s brokers care about their clients and work towards getting them exactly what they want in a home. Here’s some insight from three agents at Boulder Bay Realty into what drives them to make the Valparaiso-based realtor special.

Boulder-Bay-Employee-Spotlight-2016_02Tom Feeney Buying a home is a huge decision and Feeney not only wants to help the buyer’s and seller’s make the best decision possible but he wants to make sure his fellow brokers are as prepared as they can possibly be in helping out their clients.

“Some places you get up in the morning and you might not want to go into work but ever since I’ve been here, when I get up, I want to go to work. I want to go do my job. To me, it is exciting!”

“Everybody has a different story about why they have to move,” Feeney said about connecting to the community. “On the seller side of things, It could be medical issue, they lost their job and they have to get out from under their home, or their family is getting larger and they need a bigger home. Sometimes it’s a good story and sometimes it isn’t. Those kinds of stories are what make me get out of bed every day and do what I do.”

Boulder-Bay-Employee-Spotlight-2016_03Connie Estelle When Estelle spoke about what drives her the most is the relationships that she builds with her clients. Being on Lynda’s Team has freed Estelle up from some of the things independent realtors need to do and it has allowed her to build up closer relationships with her buyers.

“In the end, I’ve found that it’s a rewarding job because of the fact that I am helping people find their home and their security,” Estelle said. “It’s huge! It’s the place where they’ll raise their families so it’s become so rewarding, especially when they find just the right place.”

“What drew me to Lynda Anderson and Boulder Bay was the integrity that she has and the loyalty that she has for the people working in the office and on her team,” Estelle said. “I like that we’re continually growing and learning new things. Education is fabulous here and we are a very, very strong team.”

Boulder-Bay-Employee-Spotlight-2016_04Jay Borns Helping people through the process, and guiding them through an experience they don’t normally know much about, is one of the shining reasons that Borns really enjoys working in real estate.

“It’s awesome when people find the right house,” said Borns when speaking about working with families. “You should be able to tell that when people walk in and then out of that house whether it’s the right house for them.”

For Borns, “the best part of it is negotiating a deal for them whether it’s a great deal or just a deal. You’ve gotten them in a house and it changes their life. It’s a good feeling to know you’ve helped them make positive changes.”