Boulder Bay Realty: Agents Working to Make Home Buying/Selling a Little Less Stressful

Boulder Bay Realty: Agents Working to Make Home Buying/Selling a Little Less Stressful

The Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty specializes in Northwest Indiana Real Estate. They have a passion for excellence which they want to deliver to you. They’re committed to showing you how they have earned the reputation as the most trustworthy real estate team in Northwest Indiana.

Whether they’re an independent agent or on Lynda’s Team, Boulder Bay’s brokers work towards getting customers exactly what they want in a home and, above all else, they care about their clients. Here’s some insight from three agents at Boulder Bay Realty into what makes the job and working for the Valparaiso-based realty company special.

Boulder-Bay-Realty-Agents-Working-to-Make-Home-Buying-Selling-a-Little-Less-Stressful_02Jim Fleming Real estate involves life-changing decisions and Boulder Bay agent Jim Fleming is excited about working with homebuyers and sellers at these important points in their lives.

“On the emotional side, you get to really see people’s emotions,” Fleming said. “The first thing was that we want to be able to help people and to help people you have to guide them in the right direction and tell them the truth. Sometimes that’s not easy.”

“I love getting to know people and getting to know their story. Every house has its own unique story. Sometimes the history of it’s really cool, and sometimes it’s sad but you get to help them through that process. I think I like that part the most. I like being with the people and trying to help them to relax because it can be so stressful.”

Boulder-Bay-Realty-Agents-Working-to-Make-Home-Buying-Selling-a-Little-Less-Stressful_03Anna Niziolek After deciding to pursue a career in real estate, Anna Niziolek got her real estate license and interviewed with several other agencies before coming to Boulder Bay where she felt most comfortable.

“I like working with people and I think the experience we had working with Lynda (Anderson) had something to do with it,” said Niziolek. “She was so warm, so open and helpful. Then I thought, ‘oh yeah, I would like to do something like that.’ I liked the way she works, the way she takes care of people, and I wanted to do the same thing.”

“I love it,” Niziolek said of working in the business. “I really enjoy my job. I love to fit the right people with the right house and it doesn’t matter if the house is $25K or $250K. It’s that look on the person's face when we know that they like it. It’s so great! It’s just the best feeling.”

Boulder-Bay-Realty-Agents-Working-to-Make-Home-Buying-Selling-a-Little-Less-Stressful_04Felicia Wright One of the major highlights of the job for Boulder Bay agent Felicia Wright is meeting new people and potential home buyers all the time, building relationships and guiding people throughout the process.

“I have made really good friends through the transactions,” Wright said. “I’m a people person for sure. I can see it on their face when a buyer walks into a home whether or not it’s the home. You can feel it most of the time.”

“It doesn’t feel like a job to me. The money is kind of like a bonus. I’ve found my niche and now I can’t see myself doing anything else. Lynda is just fantastic too. She’s always there and she’s 100% committed to all of her people, employee or client. We’re like a family here; a very close knit family.”