Boulder Bay Realty Employee Spotlight – Jim Fleming

Boulder Bay Realty Employee Spotlight – Jim Fleming
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: August 30, 2016

Boulder Bay Realty Listing Specialist, Jim Fleming came to Northwest Indiana from Pennsylvania in the second grade, and, since that time, he’s called the Region home.

Fleming has lived in Valparaiso for around fifteen years but, after having joined the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty in January, is relatively new to the real estate game in the Region.

“I was a carpenter for many, many years,” said Fleming, a graduate of Chesterton High School. “All I had done was carpentry.”

Several factors had influenced Fleming’s decision to make a career switch to real estate, and among them was his desire to work with homes and to help people.

“Besides the physical side of it, I just got tired of being in and out of steel mills and refineries,” Fleming said. “I really loved houses, and I really wanted to be able to help people achieve their goals with housing.”

“It’s more fun, it really is. Seeing people's emotions, it’s a lot more fun.”

When speaking about working with the team at Boulder Bay and Lynda Anderson, Fleming said, “Boulder Bay has been great! I think the thing that I like about it most is that she’s willing to teach us anything. That is very handy, especially in this field. She’s always there for us and there’s no question that we could ask that she doesn’t make us seek out the answer first on our own.”

In the midst of the competitive real estate industry, there’s a sense that everyone at Boulder Bay Realty wants to see everyone else succeed. Fleming joins a staff of seasoned agents who have seen most everything in the industry, and he has been able to use every tool that Lynda and her entire staff are able to provide him.

“It’s amazing how much she pushes the ‘knowledge factor’,” Fleming said. “If we don’t know it, we can’t succeed in this field. Things change constantly and having been here for six to seven months, you can really see the difference in people’s training. Lynda works with us and wants us to constantly know our contracts and what’s going on so that we can foresee a problem, and before that problem becomes something huge we can divert it.”

“She has a system and the system works. I think that the big thing here is that the system is the solution, and if we’re not following then we’re not succeeding.”

Fleming attained his real estate license through fellow Boulder Bay agent Tom Feeney and his Tom Feeney School of Real Estate.

“He (Tom) was an awesome teacher,” Fleming said of his time as a student of Feeney. “He had patience which was really nice and he’s very good at leading people.”

Real estate involves life-changing decisions and Fleming was excited about working with home buyers and sellers at these important points in their lives.

“On the emotional side, you get to really see people’s emotions. The first thing was ‘we want to be able to help people and to help people you have to guide them in the right direction and tell them the truth. Sometimes that not easy.”

“I love getting to know people and getting to know their story. Every house has its own unique story. Sometimes the history of it’s really cool, and sometimes it’s sad but you get to help them through that process. I think I like that part the most. I like being with the people and trying to help them to relax because it can be so stressful.”

In speaking about what has been the ‘high point’ in his experiences with Boulder Bay Realty and the Lynda Anderson Team, Fleming said, “When someone gets that offer and we’ve prepped them to know that offer should fit in this window. When the offer then fits in that window and you realize that everything we’ve been taught is playing out. Then, to see their emotion and the trust, because it’s taken a few months to get to this point. To see things come to fruition, that’s the really good part. It’s unbelievable.”

“When you see people really put all their trust in you,” added Fleming in regards to the highlights of building that relationship. “It’s a huge investment.”

Being on the Lynda Anderson Team, Fleming has been afforded the freedom to concentrate on his particular area as a Listing Specialist and not to worry about the many other sides of the business. As someone who is relatively new to the industry, having the ability to work with other team members has been very valuable to Fleming. A large part of what brought Fleming to Boulder Bay was Lynda’s philosophy of ‘when it’s family time, it’s family time.’

“That makes a world of difference for us,” Fleming concluded.