Boulder Bay Realty Focusing on Education Through Upcoming ‘Homebuyer Workshops’ in February 2017

Boulder Bay Realty Focusing on Education Through Upcoming ‘Homebuyer Workshops’ in February 2017

Giving back to the community and helping to educate clients, as well as potential homebuyers, has always been an important part of Boulder Bay Realty and Lynda Anderson’s mission. For the Valparaiso-based realty group, securing a sale is not always paramount to helping a client make decisions that ensure their personal and financial well-being.

In order to better serve their clients and the broader community, Boulder Bay is hosting two upcoming workshops that are geared toward educating homebuyers about some of the mistakes people make when purchasing a home and what they can do to avoid those pitfalls.

In speaking about Boulder Bay’s upcoming workshops, wanting to reach the community and help educate homebuyers through the complicated process of buying a home, Lynda Anderson, Boulder Bay Realty founder, said, “We’re really focusing on educating people this year.”

“The consumer needs to know about the pitfalls and areas that could hurt them,” Anderson said. “They really need to be aware and that’s what we’re trying to do with the Homebuyers Workshop.”

Buying a home is unlike buying anything else and bringing in people from around the community allows Boulder Bay Realty to help to inform homebuyers about the major decisions they will be forced to make during the process.

“The best part about getting people in here and connecting with them is that they get to ask tons of questions,” added Anderson. “We’ll have the experts here to answer all of those questions and get them what they need. They all come with so many different scenarios and no two situations are exactly alike. Everyone’s different and everyone’s needs are different.”

Along with personnel from Boulder Bay, the Homebuyer Workshops will feature mortgage loan officers from Diamond Residential Mortgage who will be speaking and taking questions from those in attendance. Each attendee will also receive a ticket (1 per person) when they arrive that will grant them a FREE credit review from Diamond Residential Mortgage.

This incredible opportunity affords participants the chance to take advantage of over 85 years of combined experience between the Boulder Bay and Diamond Residential Mortgage representatives that will be on hand at each workshop. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or well acquainted with the process, access to this bevy of expertise could make all the difference in your homebuying experience.

Boulder Bay Realty will be hosting two Homebuyer Workshops coming up on Saturday, February 4th at 10:00am and on Tuesday, February 7th at 6:30pm. The workshops will be held at their offices at: 259 Indiana Avenue in Valparaiso.

For more information, visit the Lynda Anderson Team Facebook page and check out their events, here!