Boulder Bay Realty Group builds trust with a strong set of core values

Boulder Bay Realty Group builds trust with a strong set of core values
By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: January 8, 2020

When you’re looking for a new home or trying to sell yours, it’s crucial to choose a quality realtor. Boulder Bay Realty Group has built its realtor team around a strong set of core values, uplifting them with training, support, and a laser focus on professionalism and trust.

“When a client puts their trust in us, we take it seriously. There are so many choices out there when it comes to real estate agents. It’s very competitive, and we don’t take that lightly,” said Lynda Anderson, owner and broker at Boulder Bay Realty Group.

At the core of everything Boulder Bay does are these five principles: Integrity, Loyalty, Dreaming Big, Knowledge, and Working Hard. The agents take these values seriously in everything they do for their clients.

“We’re loyal to our clients. They are never an inconvenience to our day,” Anderson said. “We have a great amount of gratitude for having the opportunity to work with them.” 

Even when naming Boulder Bay, the words were chosen specifically to evoke the image of strength and security.

“We wanted to show our clients that they can feel good with us because we know what we’re doing. [Buying or selling a home] can be scary and we want to let them know we’ve got it,” Anderson said. “We chose boulder for strength. There’s strength in our knowledge, in our hard work, and we’re loyal to our customers. We chose bay because ships go into the bay for security, so they can feel safe with us. Strength and security, that’s what we stand for.”

With the client as the top priority, Boulder Bay Realty Group puts clients first every time, even when it comes to commission.

“It’s not the commission, it’s the bottom line. What is the client going to get in their hand?” Anderson said. “We take every dollar seriously. We are above the industry average in negotiations because we know that the client’s bottom line is one of the most important things to them.”

Being able to remain competitive and get those above-average numbers takes a great amount of hard work and training. At Boulder Bay Realty Group, the training is top-notch.

“The client is getting highly-skilled, highly-trained agents,” Anderson said. “Not every agent can make it through our training. It is intense and the ones who make it are the cream of the crop and highly trained to get top dollar for the client’s bottom line.”

Anderson’s own knowledge and experience is a benefit to agents. Learning under her guidance, they can grow to become leaders within their field.

“I was an agent, I grew a team, and I grew the team into a company. They have somebody who has walked that walk,” Anderson said.

Boulder Bay agents are unique and top-tier, and the technology Boulder Bay Realty Group uses is, too.

“We’re using leading-edge technology. We are one of the few agencies that spend the money to offer 3D virtual tours,” Anderson said.

Above all, Boulder Bay Realty Group’s values - adopted by every agent on the team and every supporting staff member - drive the company’s success, which in turn drives success for each of their clients.

“We want to work hard, play hard, and give back. We want to always remain humble and grateful for what we’ve received through the clients allowing us to be a part of their lives,” Anderson said. “Our clients are the heartbeat of our company.”

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