Boulder Bay Realty Group Love You Latte customer appreciation event feels more like family reunion

Boulder Bay Realty Group Love You Latte customer appreciation event feels more like family reunion

Buying a new home can be a very intense, very personal process. You spend months working with a realtor, honing in on that perfect house. Then, almost suddenly, the search is over, the sale is closed, and everyone goes their separate ways.

But for the Lynda Anderson Team at Boulder Bay Realty Group and their clients, the home-buying experience creates a bond that lasts years. Which is why Anderson and her team host a Love You Latte Client Appreciation event, like the one held Friday evening, at least twice a year.

“When people are buying or selling a home, you talk with them frequently and get close to them,” said Lynda Anderson, Broker Owner of Boulder Bay Realty Group. “We like to reconnect and stay in touch with them because they become part of our family.”

People who had bought homes with help from Anderson and her team, many several years ago, all gathered at a Valparaiso Starbucks to show off new babies, share pictures of house updates, and catch up over a cup of coffee.

Love You A Latte Client Appreciation Event 2019

Love You A Latte Client Appreciation Event 2019 22 Photos
Love You A Latte Client Appreciation Event 2019Love You A Latte Client Appreciation Event 2019Love You A Latte Client Appreciation Event 2019Love You A Latte Client Appreciation Event 2019

Jennifer Keating has been a Buyer Specialist at Boulder Bay Realty on the Lynda Anderson team for the past seven years. She said she loves her job because of the supportive, dedicated team atmosphere. 

“Everyone I work with has a servant’s heart and we’re really here for the client,” Keating said.

She enjoys events like Love You Latte because she loves catching up with people she’s worked with throughout her time at Boulder Bay and seeing pictures of how they’ve made the houses home.

“It’s always nice to see it come full circle,” Keating said.

When Laura Sutton of Portage and her new husband were home shopping in the Region, they were practically newlyweds and pregnant with their first child. 

“We didn’t know what we were doing,” Sutton said. “Jay Borns took us under her wing and led us to an awesome house.”

Borns, a Listing Specialist on the Lynda Anderson Team, not only helped the Suttons find a home, she also helped them beat out five other bids to make sure they would be the ones closing on it.

“I just love helping people find a house,” Borns said. “It’s the most exciting thing for them to walk into a house and know it’s the one.” 

With their now three-year-old daughter and second newborn in toe, Sutton and her husband were delighted to come out and thank Borns and Anderson for all they had done.

“They still reach out to us even though it’s been three years,” Sutton said. “They genuinely love us.”

Thankfulness flowed in all directions at the Love You Latte evening. Jim Fleming, Listing Specialist for the Lynda Anderson Team, said he appreciated having the chance to share coffee with clients as a way of expressing gratitude for their trust.

A true people person, Fleming loves his job because of the relationships he builds in order to individualize and personalize each search.

“The best thing about this job is the people,” Fleming said. “Everyone is different and it’s fun to figure out how best to help in each situation.”

Lynda Anderson Team’s Closing Manager Angela Schott has been with Boulder Bay Realty for 16 years. 

“I love being there because everybody cares. They all have hearts and they’re very loyal,” Schott said. “I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

As the paperwork guru, she rarely gets to meet clients face to face, so customer appreciation events are particularly special for her.

“It’s fun getting to meet new people,” she said. “I’m kind of behind the scenes, so it’s enjoyable for me because I get to put a face with a voice.” 

“It means a lot,” Schott continued. “These people are why we do what we do. We appreciate them.”

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