Boulder Bay Realty – Industry Professionals Going Above & Beyond For Home Buyers & Sellers Across Northwest Indiana

Boulder Bay Realty – Industry Professionals Going Above & Beyond For Home Buyers & Sellers Across Northwest Indiana

There are many things that set Valparaiso-based Boulder Bay Realty apart in the real estate industry in Northwest Indiana. Starting with owner and founder Lynda Anderson, Boulder Bay Realty offers their clients myriad services above and beyond what other local realtors offer, and Anderson works hard to consistently engage her team in intensive training to routinely keep them on top of an ever-changing industry.

“Our agents are highly trained,” said Anderson when reflecting on the professionalism and knowledge that staff maintains. “It’s not an easy training regimen either. Some agents might struggle through this process and they ultimately find this isn’t the career or the company for them, and that’s okay. Those who excel through the training remain and they carry the lessons they learn and the experiences that they’ve gained out into the industry.”

“I know that if we challenge our agents, our clients are then going to get the best possible service that we can provide,” added Lynda. “They’re getting what they deserve!”

What Anderson and Boulder Bay Realty provide is far more than simply putting a sign in the yard and listing the home online on a few websites. The company is serious about treating their clients like family, and going the extra mile to make their home buying or selling experience rewarding, as stress-free as possible, and fun!

“For us, it’s about being highly skilled and highly effective,” she said. “We train our agents to excel in negotiations, and that’s such an important part of what we do, We’re going to work extremely hard to provide each client with the best possible outcome in each individual situation.”

“Every transaction is a little different and by working to really understand our clients and their needs from the moment they walk through our door, we’re able to meet and exceed any expectations that they have.”

Along with providing unparalleled client relations and service for buyers and sellers, Boulder Bay goes above-and-beyond when it comes to the little, yet significant, things that help to market a home.

Here are some of the added services that Boulder Bay can provide clients:

  • In-Home Staging for Free
  • Free Moving Truck
  • High Quality Virtual Tours
  • Professional Photography
  • Drone Home Tour (when available)

Boulder Bay Realty’s close relationship with related industry experts and companies like Photourious, who specialize in creating cutting-edge 3D virtual tours of homes, affords clients the unique opportunity to take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and resources that are changing the industry.

Above all else, Boulder Bay agents know how important a time this is in the lives of their clients. Undertaking the buying or selling of a home is huge and Anderson and her team of agents will be there to educate and guide you through each step of the process.

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