Boulder Bay Realty’s Anna Niziolek – From Poland with Love

Boulder Bay Realty’s Anna Niziolek – From Poland with Love
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: August 11, 2016

Boulder Bay Realty’s Anna Niziolek came to the United States from Poland 30 years ago and moved from Chicago to Valparaiso 20 years ago. Since that time she and her family have settled and come to love what they now call ‘home’ and, through Boulder Bay, Niziolek has built a prosperous career helping people find a home that they love.

“My friend had a cottage here in Michiana and we were looking around at schools and we found Valparaiso,” Niziolek said. “So we moved here 20 years ago and, no, I don’t think I’ll ever lose my accent!”

Niziolek’s husband is also Polish and they have two children, one works at the steel mills along the lakeshore and the other is at Indiana University in Bloomington. Niziolek and her family still keep some of their heritage alive at home by speaking Polish and by living in Chicago for her first 10 years in America, and getting to know other Polish immigrants, she has built relationships that will last a lifetime.

“The people who immigrated here after World War II kind of wanted to blend in and now, newer immigrants want to stand out,” said Niziolek. “I’m proud and I have nothing to be ashamed of, and the more languages you know the better off you are. Simple as that.”

In speaking about what brought their family to Valparaiso, Niziolek said, “Schools! Basically, we wanted better schools for our kids and a safer environment. I grew up on a farm in Poland and living in Chicago for 10 years I didn’t feel it. It’s a big change! Now, we live on the outskirts of Valpo and we love it!”

After her children finished high school, Niziolek decided to go to work and pursue her career. When they were selling their home some years prior, Lynda Anderson was involved in the sale.

“Lynda (Anderson) was the one who bought our house. She was with Century 21 at the time and she kept in touch and we became friends. When it was time for me to start a job I came here, to Boulder Bay, and I love it! She is such a teacher and she surrounds herself with not only very professional people but very passionate.”

After deciding to pursue real estate, Niziolek got her real estate license and interviewed with several other agencies before coming to Boulder Bay where she felt most comfortable.

“I like working with people and I think the experience we had working with Lynda had something to do with it,” added Niziolek. “She was so warm, so open and helpful. Then I thought, ‘oh yeah, I would like to do something like that.’ I liked the way she works and the way she takes care of people, and I wanted to do the same thing.”

“I love it,” Niziolek said of working in the business. “I really enjoy my job. I love to fit the right people with the right house and it doesn’t matter if the house is $25K or $250K. It’s that look on the person's face when we know that they like it. It’s so great! It’s just the best feeling.”

“The real knowledge comes from the people you work with,” added Niziolek when describing the atmosphere at Boulder Bay. “There are some wonderful people in this office like Tom and Jay, and everyone else.”

Niziolek, as an independent agent, has spread her reach beyond Northwest Indiana by advertising in Polish publications in Chicago which has led her to discovering new clients who, like herself, are interested in moving out of the city and into the Region.

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