Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County and AMA Design and Print: Working Together for Our Community’s Kids

AnnualReport1It's always great when local businesses come together to help our community. Which is why it is so refreshing to learn that AMA Design and Print teams up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County (BGCPOCO) to help design and print quality reports and flyers for the Club; including the Club's Annual Report: an important summation of the all the year's good work done by the Club.

These reports and flyers can go a long way towards connecting BGCPOCO with area companies and leaders that can help make a difference in the Porter County Area.

"We love working with BGCPOCO," said Kelley Schott of AMA about working with BGCPOCO. "They are always focused on the kids and it's great to work with a team like that and do what we can to help them."

It’s that love for the community's kids and the help BGCPOCO provides to them that inspires AMA to do the absolute best job possible when printing BGCPOCO's reports. After all, a lot is riding on these reports; they are the summary of all the wonderful things BGCPOCO does for the area and a great help to the Club’s fundraising efforts.

"Non-profits don't always have the biggest budgets because they're investing so much back into the community," added Schott. "But they rely on these reports to set their budget for the year. We really want to help them so we work with within their budget to put out the absolute best product possible at an affordable price."

It’s friends helping friends, all for a great cause: our community’s children.

It's a partnership built on mutual respect, on the quality of work each company does, but most importantly it's a partnership built on a love for wanting to do what is best for the residents of Porter County.

And, as Schott puts it, a partnership he hopes continues helping the community for years to come.

"We have been with BGCPOCO since 2010, and hopefully we can continue working together for a long time to come."