Bridges to World Languages

By: Stacey Schmidt - Director of Elementary Education Last Updated: October 26, 2009

For the fifth year, Valparaiso Community Schools in partnership with Valparaiso University is working to provide foreign language opportunities to fourth and fifth grade students.  The Bridges to World Languages program allows Valparaiso University Foreign Language Students to introduce elementary students to the basics of French, German, and Spanish.  Through this one hour per week class the students learn basic vocabulary and basic ways of communicating in the selected language.  The VU students speak in the “target” language during large portions of the class.  The students sing songs, play games, and make projects to help them begin to explore the new language.

Fourth and fifth grade students from the Valparaiso Community Schools were invited to participate in this program at the start of the year.  Those who registered in September now attend class after school on Mondays to explore the target language.

Parents are even invited to view lesson plans which will be used during the course of instruction through a website provided by the university which provides more insight into the program.