Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC works in team to enhance productivity, client satisfaction

Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC works in team to enhance productivity, client satisfaction

Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC believes in teamwork as a key tool used to increase accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, and this is exactly how they approach each project.

The Brilliant Results Cleaning team always travels in a team of at least two employees, with additional members being assigned as square footage increases. There are many positive outcomes from working in a team, and Brilliant Results has experienced them firsthand.

“We feel it is always more efficient to work in teams. We can cover more ground quicker, inspect more accurately, and the teams really build up a chemistry working together which allows for a better workflow and environment,” said Mike Dec, owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning.

Some obvious benefits of teamwork in the workplace include efficiency and boosted productivity due to having more hands on deck. However, some other benefits that may not come to mind right away include an established support network, innovation, and improved morale.

When a workload is shared by members of a team through collaboration, each worker involved can feel a greater sense of accomplishment when a task is completed and a goal is reached that they would not have been able to achieve had they been working alone. This sense of accomplishment combined with a sense of belonging, recognition, and appreciation can drastically improve employee and team morale.

All Brilliant Results employees are cross-trained in all areas necessary to leave your home sparkling. When arriving at a job site, the Brilliant Results team is separated into sections: some covering the kitchen area, others on bathrooms and dusting. To finish the home, all workers come together to focus on the home’s flooring. Before finishing for the day, the designated Brilliant Results team leader double-checks all work that was done that day, ensuring accuracy and client satisfaction.

A few sets of additional eyes overlooking a day’s work has proved to be extremely successful for Brilliant Results and helps ensure their customer satisfaction guarantee: “We stand behind our performance with a no hassle cleaning guarantee. If any client is unsatisfied with any aspect of their cleaning; we will come back out to correct the issues at absolutely no charge.”

Happy customers can attest to the work of Brilliant Results Cleaning teams and have recently expressed their gratitude through a survey that is sent to every customer the day after a cleaning.

“They did a FANTASTIC job! We were extremely pleased! Thank you!” – Rachel

“Great job as always. The house always smells so great when they are finished.” – Patricia

“Wonderful job this week! Very happy and grateful for the care given to the job. Thanks very much!” - Vivian

According to Dec, any kind of feedback from customers is welcomed and appreciated.

“It’s super important to us. Our main focus is on building relationships with our customers so they will become reoccurring clients. We take trust and quality very seriously and work hard to provide our customers with peace of mind every time we visit,” Dec said.

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