Bryan Brown of BucherTech on Saving Customers’ Days with Data Protection

Bryan Brown of BucherTech on Saving Customers’ Days with Data Protection
By: Contributor Last Updated: April 6, 2018

One of the biggest risks facing any business is data theft which puts their personal information, as well as their customers, in the hands of hackers. And with larger and larger data breaches hitting even the largest of companies, it’s even more important than ever to protect your businesses data. Of course, you don’t have to do it alone, data protection companies like Valparaiso’s own Bucher Tech are here to help you.

With a staff of highly trained services specialists who each are skilled in a variety of different computer skills, Bucher Tech makes sure to cover the bases when protecting your business. And one of those specialists is associate system engineer Bryan Brown.

Starting his position at Bucher Tech earlier this year, Brown’s experience in the tech support world has been decades in the making, “I’ve been working in the field of tech support since 1998,” says Brown, “My first job actually was with Northern Indiana Internet Access which was a dialup company, back when you needed a modem to get on the internet.”

A lot has changed since those days, but with each advance in the tech world Bryan has changed as well to better help the customers he services. In fact, it’s that drive to better help those who call on him that Brown sees as his favorite aspects of the job, “Being able to fix things for a client and turn their frustrating day into a good one is what makes it all worth it,” explained Brown.

Brown’s daily work with customers involves a lot of adapting on the fly as he’s never sure what he will be met with, “Every day is different, I respond to clients who are having an issue or need something set up. Most of the time I’m the person who is called to go on site and save the day because something wasn’t working properly” says Brown.

All this work though is for a purpose that Brown sees as being majorly important to the business’ he services futures, “Losing data or getting your data hijacked can cost you a lot of money,” explained Brown, “And being down for any period of time means you’re not getting work done. Thankfully the work that we provide can get you back to work even faster.”

It’s not all about work with Brown though, as a life long resident of Northwest Indiana he makes time for many adventures in his life, “I spend a lot of time with my family, I have two young kids that I spend a lot of time with. I also like to play sports, I play basketball with my church league as well as golf and softball.”

And as for Northwest Indiana itself, Brown likes the array of weather we get, “I like having all four seasons here, although Winter has bled through to Spring this year” joked Brown.

No matter the weather though, expect Brown and Bucher Tech to help you through any storm your business might face. For more information on the services provide by Bucher check out their website