Buchertech keeps your business and data safe as your expert advisor

Buchertech keeps your business and data safe as your expert advisor

Today, businesses small and large are reliant on their computer and network systems. They depend on them to keep their business running, data secure, and customers happy. Yet there are constant risks of network failure, data thieves and other hackers, viruses, and any manner of problems that could leave even the most successful business scrambling.

Buchertech is Valparaiso’s own IT solutions provider. The company serves manufacturers, veterinarians, retailers, educators, and more by taking the IT burden off the business and protecting their network security. Here are just a few services Buchertech provides:

Network Management
Buchertech experts design custom computer networks to suit every business’ individual needs. Once the network is set up, Buchertech serves as a constant advisor, providing monitoring, checkups, upgrades, and maintenance. If your system goes down, Buchertech will be there to get it back up in hours, not days.

“We work every day to put systems in place to protect our clients,” said Ben Bucher, Operations Manager for Buchertech. “That’s what’s necessary in today’s dangerous online landscape.”

With Buchertech’s experts managing their networks, clients are free to focus all of their efforts on growing their business.

Systems Backup
Buchertech does constant backups of their client’s data. The backup is encrypted, password protected, and stored on Buchertech’s own secure server. They even do a backup of the backup, just in case something goes wrong. If a disaster strikes and destroys a company’s computers or hard drives, their data is secure with Buchertech, who can provide an immediate restoration 24/7.

“In today’s world, people like things instantly, and your business runs that way,” Bucher said. “We take a snapshot of our client’s data hourly, so if a problem arises we can restore it right away. That makes it so you’re only looking at hours down instead of days, like it was in the past.”

Security Programs
Data is incredibly valuable, so providing it the best security available is a necessity. All of the latest developments in virus protections, firewalls, and spyware blocking are in Buchertech’s hands, so their clients stay on the cutting edge.

“We live in a time period where people are actively developing viruses and seeking ways to steal information as a profession,” Bucher said. “That’s why you need an advisor, because we’re constantly monitoring and looking for solutions to keep those people at bay.”

To learn more about Buchertech and all of their services, visit buchertech.com.