Buchertech Moves Merges Tradition with Technology in New Location

The historic McMahan Center on 6 Michigan Avenue will now be the new home to Buchertech, as the company has recently completed their move across town to the larger and more conveniently located building in downtown Valparaiso.

“This has been a couple of years in planning and has taken shape a few months ago,” says marketing assistant Eric Ihssen. “We’re really excited to be moving into a new location for a variety of reasons.”

Ihssen credits the move as a need for a building that allows more access to equipment and allows more room for customers and employees to work and move around in.

“This new building is a great move for us. As our company continued to grow we found that we ended up needing more access to our servers and equipment and also needed room for having more employees to fill our growing client list,” says Ihssen.

The process for the move has been described as a mixture of flexibility and structure within the company and with their employees.

“We’ve needed employees to kind of pull double duty while here at the office and during our moving week. This means that they had to work and also help to pack and move some of the things from our old building to our newer building.” says Ihssen.

The staff also played a large role in making sure that their servers were prepared and moved in a safe way that ensured a minimal amount of down time and that client data was safe and secure.

For the larger equipment and furniture, Buchertech enlisted the help of Sharp School Services to help them transport the larger pieces from building to building.

“It was really cool because they helped us to move our stuff from the basement of our old building to our new building with a very smooth transition process,” says Ihssen. “It was nice because the previous basement was getting a little cramped to move around and navigate, and Sharp School Services were able to move in and move things without any issues.”

Despite the McMahn Center being an older and more traditional location, Buchertech was excited to move to this new location and has interesting plans for the building’s future.

“It’s an older building for sure, but it comes with a lot of advantages,” says Ihssen. “The location is in a great area, we’ll have our own sign now, not just sharing a marquee and the size allows us to support our business in a much better way.”

The original intent of the building, built in 1914, was for agricultural purposes. Now, Buchertech hopes to combine the agriculture designed structure with the modern business in a blending of traditional and modern elements.

“Tim, our owner has been really thoughtful and has paid lots of respect to this building. He wanted to be absolutely sure that our business still went well with the building and the building still remained authentic,” says Ihssen.

Buchertech’s future plans with the building include a museum that showcases past computer and network technology along with a new system that allows clients to use carts and elevators to take their computer and supplies directly to the techs specialists.

“Tim wants to put together a museum for everyone to see featuring some old technology such as old computers and older modems to give people an idea of the history and progression of computing and networking technology,” says Ihssen. “We also are going to have a system that allows our clients to put their computers or parts in a cart and use it to take an elevator up to our loft tech area.”

Buchertech’s new location combines tradition with technology and progressiveness and hopes that this combination will continue to benefit the community and all who utilize their services.