BucherTech prepares for move to new, accessible Valparaiso office

BucherTech prepares for move to new, accessible Valparaiso office

Bucher Technologies (BucherTech) is closing out the year with a big change – the family-owned IT and managed services provider is migrating to a new office on 2803 Boilermaker Court – making them neighbors to Menards, Target, and the other shops of the Valparaiso Marketplace.

Currently nestled downtown on Michigan Avenue just off Lincolnway, BucherTech’s office is a tight fit for a team servicing the IT needs of businesses across Northwest Indiana. With just a handful of parking spaces to call their own, and large changes to the available public parking spaces on the horizon, the team felt ready for a change.

“Early this year, around March or April, it became clear that a move was going to happen,” said Tim Bucher, owner and president of BucherTech. “The bottom line is that being a service company, we’re coming and going from the office all day long to see our clients. That means traffic and parking are really important to us. With the new parking garage coming down the street, we quantified that it’d cost us two or three thousand dollars a month just in the increased time it’d take us to see our customers.”

BucherTech’s service technicians, who travel the Region to meet the needs of their clients, are particularly excited for the move.

“Our guys are very nervous about the impending Parkinggeddon so to speak,” Bucher said. “Since we’ve got the move planned out and ready, stress levels have gone down quite a bit for our employees. At the end of the day they just want to see their customers and take care of their problems, and this is going to make that a whole lot easier.”

The new location, tucked into a cul-de-sac situated right behind Menard’s, is much more accessible – with a similar number of dedicated parking spaces, but easier to navigate and with a much lighter traffic flow. Getting in and out of the office will be a simple task, rather than a short adventure that the new downtown parking garage would require.

“It’s so easy to get in and out of in all directions, and that’s what we’re really excited about,” Bucher said. “We’re going to be right off U.S. 30 and right next to 49. That’ll make it simple to go to any part of Valparaiso, up to Chesterton, over to Wanatah, or out to Michigan City and La Porte. It’s just going to be so easy for our guys to come and go.”

The move is also giving the BucherTech team a chance to revamp their office layout and workflow.

“The guys like to collaborate, so we’re moving to an open-concept design where they’ll be able to sit at their desk but can stand up and chat with everyone,” Bucher said. “It’s hard for tech people on their own; they’ve got to be able to bounce ideas off of other people. Our guys are constantly going back and forth with each other, and now our largest suite is going to let all of them work in the same room at the same time without being boxed into little cubicles.”

Boilermaker Court also includes outdoor space, and a larger conference room. Bucher hopes to host a sort of welcome party and open house early next year to celebrate the move.

“This is going to work out great and give us room to grow,” he said. “It’s super timely, because we’re just about out of room here at our current office.”

To learn more about BucherTech, visit them at buchertech.com.