Buchertech Receives Prestigious Award for Eight Consecutive Years

BuchertechXeroxAward1Buchertech has achieved what few companies has when it comes to customer service and the sales of technology-based products. They are the proud recipient of consecutive awards for strong sales and performance from one of the largest document technology companies in the world, Xerox.

"Buchertech has been the recipient of the Peak Channel Partner Gold Award of Excellence Award from Xerox for eight consecutive years," says Marketing Assistant and Inside Sales Representative Eric Ihssen. "For a business our size, this is a pretty impressive feat for us to accomplish."

Xerox offers businesses of all sizes access to their Peak Program. This program is designed to bring recognition to businesses for successfully selling a large amount Xerox products and also providing each business and client with benefits and options.

Xerox offer three tiers to this program and each tier is determined by the number of products sold and the benefits it brings to each tier.

BuchertechXeroxAward2"The three tiers are silver, gold and platinum," says Ihssen. "We've been award winners of the gold tier award for eight years in a row, this is due to selling over $50,000 worth of Xerox products to customers."

Xerox is able to track the number of sales made through a special chipset included in their printers. This chipset is able to detect a multitude of variables including print volume, the number of pages printed and even if the additional components being placed in the printer are authentic Xerox products.

"Xerox is very particular about tracking its numbers and takes its time to determine exactly how much has been sold," says Ihssen. "It takes them a decent amount of time to go through the numbers, but they make sure that those who deserve mention get it."

For those entered in the Gold tier, Buchertech not only receives a yearly prestigious award but also receives benefits for selling products and serving their customers. This includes access to an expanded product list including higher quality multifunctional printers.

BuchertechXeroxAward3"We receive additional financial benefits, more marketing development funds, and refunds through Xerox's eConcierge's program," says Ihssen. "This is a great program that allows ease of access for Xerox, us and the customer."

Along with having access to a one-click delivery option for Xerox products, customers that are part of the eConcierge have access to free service repair for any issues that may potentially develop.

While receiving the Gold Award for eight years in a row stands as a huge point of success for Buchertech, the benefits the award brings and the ability to better serve the community is what stands out most to Ihssen.

"It feels good that Xerox recognizes our hard work and shows us that it is not going unnoticed," says Ihssen. "This is all due to our sales representatives who do a fantastic job finding the right machine for what each business needs."

While it's been eight consecutive years, Ihssen hopes to continue this winning streak of excellent service and excellent partnership through Xerox.

"We have really enjoyed our partnership with them," says Ihssen. "We are able to help each other and as a result, help the customer obtain the best service and products possible.